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We strive to create unique and innovative designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our goal is to create buildings that will stand the test of time and become landmarks in their communities.

We turn your vision
into reality.

We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that our buildings are safe and we work hard to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in architecture and construction.

What kind of services do you provide?

We are specilised in architecture and interior design, having projects ranging from residential and office buildings to public ones like restaurants and stores. We provide full assistance from the beginning to completion of the project.
We offer:
- Feasibility Study
- Concept Design Development
- Preparation of Construction Documents
- Architectural Programming
- Architectural Visualisations
- Sustainable / Green Design
- Interior Design
- Landscape Design
- Consultancy

What do you value most in terms of design?

BEATY & MEANING: Architecture that combines beauty & meaning by placing people at the center of the design is what defines us. We are prone to make each project unique and adapt it to our clients' needs and desires.

SUSTAINABILITY: We care about developing a sustainable design that would reduce the effects of the ammount of CO2 in th atmosphere, by integrating contemporary materials and systems in our architctural projects. We are designing both green and luxurious builidings, that would garantee your comfort and wellbeing.

PRESERVE THE CHARACTER OF THE PLACE: Being located in the heart of Ardeal Region in Romania, we have a sensitivity to local traditions and culture, which we strongly want to preserve. Therefore, at the beginning of each design, we are paying a special attention to the location in which the project is going to be built, so that we understand the character and key-elemnts of that place and be able to develop a project that fits there.

What kind of clients do you have?

Our clients range from private to public clients:

PRIVATE CLIENTS: residential houses and apartments, interior-design, private offices
PUBLIC CLIENTS: residential and office building developers, owners of event spaces, restaurants & caffeterias

Let's work together.

Tell us about your dream project.

We offer a variety of services, including feasibility studies, project management, and construction management.